16 Deadly Selfies That Ended In Tragedy

2. Bull Running Selfie

The Running of the Bulls is an enduring Spanish tradition, and no U.N. resolution or E.U. regulation can bring it outside the law.

Bulls will continue to run, men will die or get injured, while those surviving the experience will have a great story to tell to the other patients in the hospital ward.

Nowadays, a story is nothing without a selfie, and there is a growing trend of bull runners risking their life and buttocks just for the sake of capturing the moment.

What everyone was expecting happened in August 2015. A man was gored to death in the Spanish city of Pamplona. 32-year-old David Lopez was foolish enough to leave the protected area and capture on film a feud between two bulls. Sick of running in vain, the animals sought revenge when they saw the man armed only with the latest iPhone in his hands.

We have reasons to believe the man died with a smile on his face. He had fulfilled a life’s goal by taking one of the best selfies ever. Unfortunately, the footage was confiscated and kept as evidence by the police.

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